Fast Friday #7

This week was solid. I did some hills, had a good long run and felt nutritionally sound.

Time to recap shall we?

First off, I want to call attention to the planner I got on Tuesday. This will serve as my running journal and also help me keep track of what I’m doing each day for runs.


Like my kitty bookmark?

I think keeping track of things is important. I do use Strava for mapping and mileage purposes, but I don’t think it’s too important in the grand scheme of things. Strava is fun to see what other people are doing and encourage them, but what I mean when I keep track of training is different.

I like to write out how I felt during the run, what nutrition I used or anything that stood out. Having a planner with my projected mileage for the week also helps me keep myself in check. If I know I’ve got a hard workout on Friday, even if I feel recovered enough of Thursday easy run to push it, I won’t because I know I will be pushing it the next day.

I also think physically writing things out is more organic. It connects you with the day and experience. I don’t write paragraphs, but a sentence or two is the least I can do for a two hour workout experience.

Now, onto the work!

Monday: Tempo intervals

12.2 miles, 40 minute progression


I felt really strong during this workout. The last ten minutes were faster than MP but it was doable. I had good energy and mood even though it was 5AM. Sometimes I don’t mind getting up earlier than I already do if I set aside enough time to get 8 houses of sleep. Having Sunday off was a huge plus!

Tuesday: Easy Run

12.09 miles @ 7:42 pace

I ran up some hills today! It wasn’t super cold and my hot hands worked so I was content. I listened to a couple podcasts from Running On OmΒ with the founder of Oiselle and Stephanie Howe, an ultra runner and nutritionist. If you ever need an easy run podcast, this one is it! It felt good to get back up the hills and outside.

Wednesday: Long Run

18 miles with last 8 at MP


Woah so many good things here. First off, I was able to complete 10 miles at an average 8:00 pace and then finish fast with 8 miles at my MP. I had good energy and felt strong throughout the run. Secondly, all I drank was water and took in nothing. Crazy right? Especially since I’ve been practicing taking in stuff. However, I felt good. I knew it was hard to run on tired legs but my energy was stable, no highs or lows and I felt relatively good.


[New gel flavor…ew]

I’m not sure whether I should trust this or eat something anyway. I know the feeling of when I need something even if I’m not hungry and that includes brain fog and low mood. I didn’t experience that at all so that’s why I’m curious. The funny thing is that I’ve felt worse when I’ve eaten things, so it’s definitely something to think about. In the meantime, I’ll just keep eating and not worry too much about it.

Thursday: Easy Run


It was 10 degrees when I started. I thought about staying inside, but I was ready with my fleece spandex, hot hands and coat. It was a really slow run and the first 5 miles was a gradual uphill, but I’m glad I did it outside. The sunrise was beautiful and it flurried a bit but in a nice way. I think my hands are getting used to the numb feeling because they didn’t hurt this time!

Friday: Steady State Intervals

12 miles, 9 at MP

I’m going for a shorter warm up here today and shorter cool down with more miles at my marathon pace. I’m confident after Wednesday especially if ten miles don’t happen before it haha

That was my week of running!

Would you honestly try cucumber mint Gu?

Do you alternate shoes for easy days and workouts?



      • At the moment I’m wearing the Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8. These are my first pair and I’ve been massively impressed with them for comfort and response. Would like to compare now against the Adidas Ultra ST and Revenge as a big fan of the boost technology.

        Previously wore the Brooks Ravenna range but after 250 miles they started to loose their comfort and by 350 miles found them uncomfortable to wear.

    • Oh yea I love my Forerunner 225! Except when I am sitting during the day and it buzzes and says MOVE! I sometimes yell back at it like NO! πŸ˜‰ I don’t eat Gu at all. It’s too thick for me and cucumber mint sounds terrible

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