Click Bait [03/06/2016]

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!

This morning I had the best run I’ve had in about three months. I ran my favorite route around Cornell and up to the beautiful Ellis Hollow. It was single digits at the start and I didn’t warm up fully until about 6 miles in, but my Lord it was perfect. I saw a family of deer (three babies!) a red Cardinal and so many squirrels. The nature is coming back!

I also had a completely new to me experience: my eyelashes had icicles on them and the fine hairs on my upper lip turned into an ice mustache! I was quite a sight, but I loved it! Yes, my hands were numb and butt was cold for a bit, but watching the sun rise and just being back in my element was amazing. What a way to kick off the weekend!

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This week I have a lot of running links (y’all know where my mind is!) and hope you enjoy them as much as I did. This week I encourage you to not only read these links, but peruse the websites as well. They are full of fun stuff to read!

Have a wonderful day!
Attitude and Performance via Maximum Performance Running

Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice, has a diet full of ingredients we’ve never even heard of. via Elle

Key Steps To Finding Balance via Erin’s Inside Job

30 Scientifically Proven Post Run Meals via Run To The Finish

Running Is Ritual via Lauren Fleshman and the Oiselle Blog

Do I Need To Run Fast Workouts? via Strength Running

Why Do We Force Clothes To Fit Us Instead Of Making Clothes To Fit Our Bodies? via Elite Daily



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