Running Rambles #8: Mizuno Wave Rider Review

I’ve always been told to have multiple pairs of running shoes. It makes feet stronger, decreases the chance of overuse injuries and generally makes feet happier.

I have never heeded this advice before beginning my job at FLRTC.

Why did I not do this? Well, simple economics tells me that I need one pair of shoes to run in, so all I need to buy is one pair at once. I went through the process of finding the appropriate shoes for my gait and did not believe it was necessary to get anything else.

Since beginning to work for running experts, I was convinced to purchase more than one pair of shoes to run in each week. For fast workouts I’ve got a pair of racing flats, for longer runs I’m going to use my Kinvaras and for easy paced recovery runs I bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders.

After putting over one hundred miles on them, I think I can accurately give a review of how they work for my feet. Again, my feet are specific to me so please get your gait analyzed at your local store before buying them. I do notice however that since expanding my knowledge of different shoes by wearing them myself, I have been able to sell more to customers simply because I remember that Mizuno is a dependable brand.

Mizuno Wave Rider


Description: ideal for neutral runners looking for a resilient and responsive shoe with an amazing underfoot feet. Superb for comfort and flexibility

My opinion: I think the shoe is rather rigid, but very comfortable. I disagree on the flexibility notion and found it hard. The more reinforced soul is different from the minimal shoes I usually wear, but that is why I chose it. I wanted more cushion and padding for easy days. I wish I had tested it out before buying because although it was SUPREMELY comfortable when I walked in it, running in it is different.

Sometimes I feel my heel slipping, other times not. It is not flexible at all actually which would be fine for walking, but contributes to the heel slippage for me. If I used a heel lock this would probably be negated.

I do find them comfortable for my runs however, especially going down hill. The toe I find takes impact very well.


Pros: cushioned, firm, nice underfoot feel, toes take impact force well

Cons: can be too rigid, heel slip without lock, maybe too narrow a heel for some, low stack height

I would buy them again, but also want to try out a different pair of shoes I have my eye on when these wear out.

Do you rotate your shoes?

Have you ever run in Mizunos?


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