Fast Friday #8 Long Runs are for WAFFLES

Absolutely perfect weather this week. I honestly thought I was dreaming.

I changed up my usual running schedule to accommodate a few other people and work commitments that are important to running. The great thing about making your own schedule is that you can be lenient (within reason) about what days you run which workouts.

I really love this season. Sometimes I have to get out early, like 5AM, but it’s not as dark or cold and so I feel safer and not as stir crazy. I can go for a walk whenever I want. I don’t have to pile on layers if I just want to take out the recycling. I can go for a ten minute jog just to feel good. Who wouldn’t want that?

Well, let’s recap the week huh?

Monday: Speed intervals


2×3 miles at 6:00 pace

This was honestly really tough. I was wrecked for the day and knew it would take a few days to recovery. I felt steady throughout, but my legs were screaming at me by the end. No stomach problems, just had to use the bathroom after my warm up. I love the steady energy feeling. I got about 13 miles in.

Tuesday: Easy Run

12ish miles @ 7:23 pace

First run without hot hands! Not as much nature as last week, but a solid performance. I did not think I was going this fast! I think that is a good indication that I am getting fitter (I hope so!)

Wednesday: Long Run


17 miles at 7:40 pace

I was not recovered enough from Monday to do a faster paced run. I needed a week break from tough long runs and it seemed the perfect time to do it. I have been wanting Β to get back with my running group for a while now. I miss those ladies so much! It’s hard to do a group run when no one else has any desire to run 6:40 pace.

It was already 50 degrees when I started and knew it would only get better. The meet up spot is about three miles away, but I wanted to get 5 miles in before I met them, so I started and ran the long way around to the spot. I met up with five other ladies and we got going. It was beyond gorgeous out there and the camaraderie I had missed was back! We did 8 miles around the airport and then I ran about 4 back home. The pace was just what I needed.


Then I made waffles, birthday cake waffles. Mmmmmm

Thursday: Easy Run


15.5 miles and drills

It called for rain, but I was due for another rainy run. I just decided to be prepared this time…and go easy and not attempt a tempo run hahaha. It was misty but I don’t think it ever really rained hard. I was sore in the beginning but hit my stride with about 6 miles to go. Running these hills is so good for me. Now I’ve just gotta get used to it again.

The middle of the afternoon hit me like a truck. I had to work at CTB for a few hours before the running store and oh man after about an hour I was like I need a brain break in a bad way. Lunch and Twitter to the rescue!

Friday: Steady State Intervals

12 miles, last 6 at MP

Being sore yesterday and doing a long run tomorrow encouraged me to keep today manageable. I probably could have done more at my marathon pace, but staying healthy is the name of the game right now. Saturday will hold some more MP miles so I’ll be ready for that.

Overall, I’m happy with how this week went. My nutrition has been cleaner, I guess is the word, and I think its making a small difference. Running with my friends was what I needed Wednesday and I’ll keep that going if I feel it is a benefit and not a burden.

In addition to running, I also do smaller things like strides, core work, biking, mobility exercises and weight training to supplement my runs. I don’t do them everyday, but I’ve noticed it adds another level of strength and injury prevention.

Is this something I should add to my recap?

What exercises do you do to help out your main activity?



  1. Your speed and milage is amazing! I know this is probably quite a normal week for you, but I think it’s really admirable. You’re like a running warrior.

    • Birthday cake waffles can never be bad πŸ™‚ Thanks Lyss! I loved seeing your workout pic today on Instagram. You’re so fit!

  2. i’m the SAME way with the weather! i love mornings, and walks, but when it’s cold and grey, it takes me forever to get moving in the morning. i’m finally getting my mojo back to run outside and WO in the mornings! πŸ™‚
    however, i’m more of a 5k-10k girl. hah. so very different runs!

    • 5Ks and 10Ks are so hard! You have to go so fast right from the get-go. The best part about longer races is the slower start and ease into pace πŸ™‚

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