Click Bait [03/13/2016]

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I only have a five hour shift at CTB today, which is lovely especially for a Sunday. I might get together with my brother after work because it’s Free Ice Cream day at my old job. They probably still make a soy so I’ll be a happy camper.

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I read some interesting things this week from all around the web. My favorite article was by Tina Muir specifically because I am on the hunt for race day information. I want to make sure that everything I can control goes according to plan. Crazy weather, traffic and work can’t be controlled, but there are things that I can take care of. Anxiety is decreasing.

Have a wonderful day!
9 Things To Know Before Your Next Race via Tina Muir

Even Heroes Have Imperfections via Kick The Scale

7 Things That Changed My Life via Love Me, Feed Me

Male Writers Read Mean Comments on Female Co-worker’s Articles via Elite Daily

The Lone Wolf Theory via Strength Running

12 Saddest Tweets By Runners Rejected From NYCM via Runner’s World

What To Do In The 48 Hours Before A Race via RW Advanced



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