Week In Review: Finally met Mishka and made Waffles!

Good morning everyone. Welcome to the third week in March, two days after St. Patrick’s day and daylight savings. Honestly, this is the worst day of the year for me (exaggerating duh). I absolutely hate losing an hour of time. Fall back is such a better day. People always ask what I do with my extra hour and let’s be honest, I sleep. And what is one thing I lose with that same hour? Sleep.


I think a nap will be in order sometime this week or why not go to bed earlier? Quality time with my boyfriend pillow? Yes please! Maybe I’ll treat myself and shut my door so Sterling cannot jump on me. That would be a luxurious experience.

Today I am once again linking up with Meg to round up my week. Check out her site for all the other people who crushed last week and got it done.



I published four posts including one recipe and two running related posts. If you need breakfast inspiration, need I say more? Chocolate, oats, banana and microwaveable? I’m impressed with my lazy.


Check out my shoe review for the Mizuno Wave Rider


If you’ve never experienced these shoes, go test them out at your local running store. They might be your new favorite shoes.

I also published my training from last week. Monday took a lot out of me, but it was a solid week.


I had a relatively high mile week. I hit 90 miles in 6 days which is a lot for me. I did two days with some faster mileage, three days of hills, and a very necessary slow Saturday.


My hardest workout of the week was Monday. 2×3 miles at 6:00 pace was a challenge for sure. I felt strong but also really whipped by the end. Because of this I decided not to do any tempo miles in my long run Wednesday and only 6 in my workout Friday. This was a good decision because of the mileage I hit this week. It’s safer and more beneficial for me to run more if the speed is more manageable.

Because I didn’t do a tempo on Wednesday, I was able to run with some ladies from my running group in the middle and still get a nice 17 miler. After hooking up with them Wednesday, when I got the group text on Friday night about a Saturday morning run, I immediately decided to join. Slow miles are good with a podcast, but even better when you have someone to talk to.


I’m happy with my fitness at the end of the week.

Other life stuff

I worked four days at the running store and four days at CTB. Thursday was a double shift and it wiped me out. I got to the running store after a CTB shift and collapsed. Luckily I had some inventory to do so I got to rest. I felt like I was hitting the wall by 3pm. I also didn’t get a shower until the next day and for some reason not showering always makes me feel more exhausted. After lunch though, I felt 100 times better. I made a green smoothie with chocolate PB

5 6  1111  10

I got a package from Vegan Proteins in the mail on Tuesday. I ordered their birthday cake waffle mix when they were having a birthday sale a couple weeks ago. It came on the perfect day because the next day was my long run, which now means waffle day 🙂 it was easy and delicious to make. Also, how cute is the packaging?

13 14 15 16

On Saturday evening we hosted Mishka Shubaly at the running store. Mishka is on of my favorite guests on the Rich Roll and he just recently published a book called “I Swear I’ll Make It Up To You”. He came to give a talk about his book and the room was packed. His voice is so captivating and it was cool hear him live. What a neat guy!



I got to try a top secret new Clif Bar product from the sales rep for the running store. It was kind of like a traditional Clifbar but the center was filled with peanut butter. Considering I usually spread a layer of peanut butter on a bar before I eat it, I would totally buy these bars. I can’t wait to see what they look like!


Speaking of peanut butter…



…not only did I have wonderful breakfasts this week topped with the good stuff. My favorite breakfast was the birthday cake waffle.


And I used the first $30 of my tax return on another 9lb bucket of peanut butter. No regrets 🙂 Another purchase was this running top. Cute rosy cheeks right?


That is about all I can think of.

How was you week?

What did you spend your tax return on?



  1. It sounds like you had a great week, Ellie! I love your hoodie in the picture with Mishka. So cute. I think spending tax return money on PB is a good investment, haha. I’ve never seen a tub of PB that big, but now I want one!

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Oh my goodness that chocolate oat creation looks AMAZING. Going to be checking that recipe out asap!
    And you can buy peanut butter in that large of a container? GIMME! That would be so dangerous in my house I swear….
    Losing an hour of sleep SUCKS, especially since I get up so early! I got up at 5am, which was technically 4am. Boo.

  3. BAHA 9 lb bucket!?! You are my hero.
    That is amazing, and both items are the perfect way for you to spend that tax return. I still need to receive mine, and boy you better believe I’m looking forward to it.
    Sounds like an exhausting (huge boo to that loss of hour – which I didn’t remember about until midnight) but fun week – with the new items and guest speaker. Awesome!

  4. Now that is one huge tub of peanut butter right there. You mean serious business with that bad boy and why the heck not. You can’t beat the peanut butter, chocolate, banana combo. So much goodness.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  5. Agreed on daylight savings, CA is adding a vote to stop it this year and I hope it passes! Wow on your mileage for the week, impressive! I’m just getting obsessed with PB smoothies, great pre-race breakfast. And that is awesome on Mishka Shubaly! Sounds like a ful week, great eats. Mine was rainy and a little stressful building up to a race on lack of sleep. But This week is going much better. 🙂

  6. I really want to try Mizuno’s! I’ve been a Brooks girl for years, but I know a lot of people who swear by Mizuno.

  7. Other than a slight lack of sleep, looks like you have had a pretty great week! Congrats on a 90 mile week btw. I am still getting over the fact that you can buy a NINE POUND tub of PB, that is my dream in a bucket.

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