Fast Friday #9 [How Is There More To Sweat?]

You know that point where you are drenched in sweat, earbuds falling out, salty water in your eyes and almost rip your nose ring out wiping your face and think, “At least I don’t think I can sweat anymore!”

And then somewhere, even though you feel like a raisin, you still keep sweating…that was Wednesday. But let me back up and start off by saying this week was rewarding in that I got beautiful weather and used some new apparel that did not chaff or make me look too weird. Admittedly, if I don’t tuck in my new green top, I look pregnant, but that’s ok, some shirts just hug me in the wrong way.

I’m ready to relive my weekly runs, let’s get after it!

Monday: Tempo Intervals


4×1 mile (6 minutes basically) with 4 minutes rest

I made sure the paces got progressively harder with each mile. I began at 6:00 minute miles and got down to about 5:35 by the last mile. That last mile was a challenge and gave my lungs a good burn. I haven’t done a mile that fast in a while but it was good to know my legs remembered. Boob sweat was on point.

Tuesday: Easy


12 miles at about 7:40 pace

I felt good running up the hills today. It was a nice 50 degrees and I probably didn’t need a jacket. I felt like that was the appropriate pace for the recovery run. Not too challenging but a solid amount of time to listen to the Rich Roll podcast. Did anyone else catch the episode with Gary Vaynerchuk? What a personality!

Wednesday: Long Run


19 miles with 9 @ MP

The story I told above? Yea this was it. I ran ten miles at an easier pace and then kicked it into gear for the second half. The whole first part of the MP miles I was telling myself I could stop at 8 or I could slow down for the last couple. Sure, I could have done that and been fine, but I’m glad I didn’t. It was kind of funny because through those miles I listened to the Marathon Training Academy podcast where Trevor gave his 26.2 Tips to Run a marathon and just as he was finishing his race, I was finishing my run. I was inspired to make it to the finish!

My legs felt good and again I only took in water. No bathroom breaks and I had stable energy. Next week I’m going to remember salt sticks. I think that would be good. I have communicated with Zach Bitter on Twitter and he said salt sticks to replace electrolytes is all he uses in his fat adapted training. I don’t know if I am fat adapted yet, so I have gels with me just in case.

Thursday: Easy Run


[Loving my Balega head wrap!]

8.4 miles @ 7:50 pace

I needed to have a relatively lower mileage day. My legs felt recovered from yesterday but I know I can’t push the line too far. I got in a few loops of the park and felt nice. I finished with strides and bodyweight drills.

Friday: Steady State Intervals


45 min easy, 45 min @ MP, 30 min easy

This is the tentative plan for Friday but if I’m not feeling it after the MP miles, I’ll cut it short. It’s supossed to snow but I have faith it will miss us (I’m writing this on Thursday).

Other running related things this week:

Kinvara group run on Tuesday night to demo the new Saucony Kinvara 7. They look really cool but I’ll wait to get my pair. I have two pairs of shoes to run in before these get a test run.


2 hours of biking at an easy pace over the week. I don’t think I could ever do that much at once hahaha

2 days of weight training, 3 days of some core work

What was the highlight of your week?

Anyone running a St. Patrick’s Day race?



  1. Happy almost weekend Ellie! Do you ahem any recommended shoes for someone who walks a lot (primarily on city sidewalks as it is my main mode of transportation) and is prone to blisters? Thanks! Hope this spring will bring many of God’s blessings into your life (like bananas.)

    • Hmm, well the most successful walking shoes I’ve seen work for walking are the Brooks Addiction, Brooks Dyad and Saucony Eschelon. The great thing about those is the wide platform which spreads out the impact force of the foot on the ground. However, I think any running shoe that fits your foot appropriately would be great for walking. After all, running is just walking really fast 🙂 Good luck! Thanks for reading and asking!

      • Thanks Ellie the expert! It is greatly appreciated. Too bad I live on the other side of the country and cannot patronize your store.

  2. Very impressive week of training! Those salt sticks sound cool- I’d love to hear more about them if you try them.

  3. Ugh. I ran yesterday for one of the first times after a minor surgery. 2 miles killed me. Marathon distances seem so far away. I hate all the work that took to get to a certain level, and having it all go away. Great job!

    • Aw man surgery sucks! I’m so glad to hear you’re ready to run. Getting back into it is hard, but fitness comes a lot faster!

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