Click Bait [03/20/2016]

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!

I read so much this week, but mostly it was articles about ways to have a bigger impact with animal rights without because an in your face activist. So basically I sign petitions =P

I also found this awesome campaign to save ugly fruit from getting thrown away. As you know, I hate it when perfectly good food gets tossed (now I just give random stuff away at CTB when it gets close to shutting down time) and so this campaign is perfect for me. I also noticed that my local co-op has a discounted produce shelf for less than perfect items.

This shelf should be called the Ellie shelf 🙂

My links this week however have nothing to do with any of that in case you were scared, so read away! Let me know what you think and have a great day!

Click Bait Logo 3

Stop Saying Sorry via Laura (I stole this from her Twitter)

6 Awesome Things That Are Terrible When You Have To Do Them via College Humor

How Races Can Benefit Your Training via Jane Runs Wild

9 Ways An Elite Runner Prepares For A Race via Tina Muir

On Not Being Fed Enough As A Child via Fat Nutritionist

50 Life Lessons Learned On The Run via Mile Posts

What Happened When I Stopped Exercising For A Month via The Healthy Maven

Runners: An Easier Way to Become a Better Fat Burner via Competitor



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