Week In Review: The Return Of The Mango

Good morning everyone!

True life: my cat is Spider-Man. Two minutes ago he burst across the room on two legs and then proceeded to climb on the underside of my bed, upside down. Then I started singing “spider cat, spider cat, destroying my bed wherever he goes.” If you haven’t seen the family guy episode where Peter sings about Spider-Man then I suggest you YouTube it to get the tune down.

Ahh I feel so refreshed right now. I just made a juice with my first mango of 2016. Remember when I was obsessed with them? Well it turns out that my local co-op has a shelf for discounted less than perfect produce. Usually there are a couple mangoes on there, which make for perfect smoothies. I was going to add spinach and super greens etc. but I couldn’t get over this orange color! Just mangoes, carrots and flaxseed meal in there folks!

Well, it’s that time of the week again! Week in In Review hosted by Meg is my favorite link up of the week. Why not cross my T’s and dot my I’s and check off the boxes of what I did last week.



I published four original posts and one Click Bait post featuring the best stuff I’ve read this past week. Check out my two running related posts:


Fast Friday #9 chronicling my weekly running
Running Rambles #9 where I talk about how hard is good
I also wrote a post about my vegan journey instead of WIAW. I reflected on the fact that I don’t come across too many obstacles now that I’ve been vegan for a while (lapses included) and how I wish more people talked about how normal you still are going plant based. If more people had told me that when I went vegan, I wouldn’t have felt like I was going to war just to make this compassionate change.


What I learned from this week is to trust my body to recover appropriately from high mileage workouts and weeks. I think timing a post-workout meal is helping my legs to turnover quickly and (fingers crossed) I am recovering well.


My favorite workout this week was Monday because I hit some speeds I hadn’t felt since January. It was great to do that again! I also can’t lie, running 19 miles on Wednesday felt awesome too. I was bargaining with myself for the last 3. My mind told myself I could stop, that the last mile didn’t matter.


However, at the same time I was listening to the Marathon Training Academy podcast in which Trevor, the podcast co-host, recounted his recent New Orleans marathon. He literally took his tape recorder and gave a tip for each mile of the race. When I was running the last few miles, he was finishing up his race and it motivated me to finish.

On Sunday, I was able to run with a couple friends from my Cornell Running Club days. They are both AMAZING runners and I have been wanting to get together with them for a bit now. Even though I usually don’t run on Sundays, I felt like this might be my only opportunity to get out with them, so I jumped at the chance. It was great catching up!

Next week I hope to stay injury free and recovering well…but I guess we all say that 🙂

Other Life Stuff

Juices and smoothies reentered my life. I normally don’t choose them, not because I don’t like them, but I simply am attracted to other food. I’m the person at the end of a run who wants a tick bowl of peanut butter or waffles rather than a smoothie. To each their own.




In addition to my lunches this week, I made a smoothie to go along with them. Number one was blueberry, orange, beet and number two was mango, carrot. I usually add a tablespoon or so of flax meal as well because I think that’s an easy, nutritious way to get those nutrients.


First mango of the year!!!

When I don’t want to fire up the waffle maker in the morning, I’ve found that the waffle mix I bought last week is also great in bowl form. Since it has no eggs or dairy in it, it’s perfectly acceptable to be eaten raw. Just a mashed banana and a scoop of the waffle mix, topped with PB of course and easy cold breakfast (for after those sweaty runs)


I’ve been collecting some great stickers lately. I’m not sure where I am going to put them, but they are putting a smile on my face 🙂



Last Sunday I saw my brother and we played cards for a while (he was on Spring break from college) and on Wednesday he and my mom stopped over so I could give him my swim goggles. He used to run the hurdles for Brockport, but recently has taken up swimming because after a couple miles of running his knee starts to hurt. Good for him! I can not swim a lick.

I worked four shifts at CTB and three at FLRTC this past week and each had their own highs and lows. I love the way my boss at FLTRC works with customers. He is so good with them and can talk all day. He also always answers all my questions in a way that makes me feel smart, not like I am burdening him. That is a great quality for a boss or manager. I want to be able to do that some day!


I used up the last of my smallest container of peanut butter by mixing in the rest of my millet granola. It was quite delicious!

I was asked out by the local homeless drunk. Celebrity status: 100%

I put my tax return check in the bank and got a tub of peanut butter with it. Coolness factor: 100%

That was my week!

What are you doing with your tax return?

Tell me a good smoothie combination (no milk/bananas, I like mine almost like juice)



  1. bahaaha your cat. As much as I prefer dogs to cats, some cats can be pretty darn funny. Ive always had good ones growing up who were super entertaining. One cat liked to lick me non-stop – ike a dog. Except a cat’s tongue is definietly not as smooth as a dogs….

    • I prefer cats only because I have zero extra time and I don’t have to walk them. They are pretty self-sufficient and do their own thing. I would love a dog if I had time!

  2. I LOVE your blog so much Ellie, because you just share life, and it really reminds me of how much I love blogging. ❤ I also love just how much almond butter you have on your oatmeal. I love smoothies, but I haven't had one in so long. The best non-dairy combination might be juice, fruit, and sometimes, some peanut butter. 🙂 ❤ ya Ellie! God gives more ABUNDANT grace for each week through our Lord Jesus.

    • It’s peanut butter but thanks Emily! I’m glad you love reading my daily musings 🙂 That’s just what I want to hear

  3. I rarely crave juices/smoothies, but sometimes they are sooo good! It’s super basic, but a glass of pulpy OJ is my favorite! Though I can only drink a little, thanks to heartburn and all. Lately I have been drinking iced green tea with almond milk and I love it!

  4. Green smoothies are so last week. If you get the chance to keep it bright orange, I’d say dooo it.
    Though Im really not a smoothie fan. I’ve tried. No matter what it is, I need to chew something or my body just doesn’t believe it’s eaten.
    Mangoes are definitely worth getting excited over. I got excited when I saw peaches in the store the other day, and even though they weren’t very good, I couldn’t help it. Summer fruit come faster!
    That is so cool about the runner making a pocast tracking his run – and how it matched up with yours! Some beautiful synchronicity right there!
    Here’s to another week of feel good recovery and stickers on your face 🙂

    • My smoothies are more like juices. I would never consider them a meal, more like a beverage to accompany my meal 🙂 Super tasty with the fresh fruit!

  5. That picture of your cat snuggling with the smoothie is golden :).
    And waffle mix “porridge”? This sounds so intriguing. Especially since I don’t own a waffle maker but have been wanting to try waffles again in … a long time. I’m just afraid we don’t have any mixes like that over here.
    A nice boss is a definite plus to any job and even more if you don’t feel bad asking questions.
    Happy Monday, Ellie!

  6. Eep, I still need to do our taxes for last year….I’m quickly running out of time it would seem. Oh well, I got a couple of weeks left.

    Good bosses lead by example and I’m glad to see yours setting the tone.

    I love your cat. I call Oscar Batman, but Spider Cat is equally as awesome.

    Happy Monday. Thanks for linking up.

  7. Haha Ellie your blog is awesome! Your sense of humor really comes across haha 🙂 . Those look like some awesome eats! I’m a big fan of strawberries and wild blueberries with a spoonful of peanut butter. Water or almond milk to thin it out and I’m a happy camper!

  8. What a great use for your tax return!
    I think it’s super-awesome that your brother swims. I know that can be a really good fitness option for folks who want to avoid or recover from injury.
    Your cat sounds annoying and awesomely-wonderful in the most wonderful of cat ways. : )

  9. I love the discounted produce shelf! I can usually score the best bananas for smoothies and banana bread. Or, I’ll find some produce that I typically don’t buy, like some different types of peppers, and try to figure out something new and fun to make with them!

  10. Woo yay for some great runs! I will have to check out that podcast as I increase my mileage! I wish I had some good smoothie recipes without almond milk or bananas, but I almost always use those! I will have to expand my horizons and use different fruits/ juices!

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