Running Rambles #10 [The Amazing Human Body]

Each week I learn more about my body and how freaking amazing it is. Seriously you guys take a look at yourself. There are so many parts and organs made up of billions of cells made up of billions of atoms all that work together and in sync so we can move, think, love, eat, play, dance, socialize….everything!


Maybe it’s my runners high talking, but I really cannot be more amazed today when I think about the wonderful body God has given me.

Bad runs happen, but the body is always there.

Races are lost, but the body is still there.

Sicknesses plague us, but the body bounces back.

Great runs come out of nowhere, thanks to the body.

We fall in love, thanks to the mind, housed in the brain, in the body.

We enjoy a delicious meal and it is digested and used by our body.

It’s really crazy to think about. How could I ever get mad at something that does so much for me? How could I ever get angry that I didn’t hit a certain time split, when I was able to get out there in the first place? Why do I get stressed out when I am unable to fit it all in? The fact is, my body has allowed me to do so many things already!


I often get in my head, analyzing what I do and how I can manipulate said body to get the most from my running or some athletic edge. That’s all well and good, as long as I remember the small things my body already allows me to do and feel grateful for that. The lungs to breathe in air that gets oxygen to my cells that make energy to power my muscles and allow me to run. The feet that take a beating everyday and never stop, they come right back the next day asking for more. My stomach that can digest just about anything and turn it into fuel for my lifestyle.

It’s the small things we subconsciously do every day that matters. The body is amazing just doing what it does everyday, the extra stuff is just that, extras, bonuses, things to thank the body for graciously, not to frown upon if it’s not enough.

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I’ve made the conscious effort to thank God for my body and all that He allows me to accomplish every night before I go to sleep. Every part of by body deserves praise no matter how it looks or what I’ve done that day. My body does not have to accomplish or achieve anything to deserve praise. It is amazing as it is.

How do you remember to appreciate your body even if it feels sub-par?

What is one way you thank your body for all it does for you?



  1. Love this, Ellie! I think about how amazing our bodies are a lot. It just blows my mind that we can do so much with our bodies and how they bounce back when we take care of them. God is good!!

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