Fast Friday #10 [Long runs in new shoes]

Never get new shoes and go for a long run. Sage advice I tell every runner who comes in the store. I reiterate the importance of this when they are transitioning to minimal shoes. Never do more than a couple miles. Do a run-walk method. Take it easy.

Well, I think I’m a “do as I say, not as I do” salesperson…and it sort of came to bite me.

You see, I ordered my first pair of Skoras a few weeks ago. Skoras are a very minimal style of running shoe. My friend commented that they look almost like water shoes (sexy water shoes!) and I was really excited to try them out. I recieved them Tuesday and walked around all day in them to get a feel. They felt great so I decided to run in them the next day.

Well that day turned out to be my long run. Luckily it was mostly on trails, but I was feeling a bit sore on Thursday. Barefoot or minimal running just requires different muscles. The shoes were great though! I could feel everything under my feet, but also felt protected by the layer of shoe. I will definitely cycle them in!

Moral of the story, don’t do what I do haha

Time for my weekly workout recap:

Monday: Easy!


3.5 miles at 8:37 pace and foam rolling

After my 101 mileage week last week, this recovery day was necessary. Foam rolling really hurts if you only do it once or twice a year. Lesson learned.

Tuesday: Tempo Intervals


6×800 w/ 9 minutes at MP at the end

My legs felt reinvigorated after the easy day on Monday. I ran the paces beginning at 6:00 per mile and finished at 5:30 per mile. I’m going to attempt to run the Syracuse half marathon next weekend at a 6:00 pace. It’s ambitious but I think it’s doable.

Wednesday: Long Run


I met up with my running group ladies for 8 of my 16 miles this morning. I ran about 4 before I met them, then 4 after. I finished with some hip mobility and core work. This was the day I wore my minimal shoes. The route we did hit some very soft trails which felt really good. I’ll admit, even though that run felt fine, I was silly to run that far in such new shoes. other than that, the temperature was great and it didn’t rain too hard on us. I’ll take it over snow.

Thursday: Easy Run


90 minutes @ 7:45 pace

Boy I was sore today! I considered a MP workout, or at least a few miles faster, but knew that would have been stupid. I am happy I took it easy even if I didn’t want to. For me, it’s about being smart at this point. Because I was dumb the day before, I decided to be extra smart today.

Friday: Easy, long run

16 miles with hills, maybe some surges

I don’t have an exact plan for this run yet, so I’ll see how I feel. I plan to do a workout on Saturday, so I don’t want to get too messed up. It is my day off, so I do have the option to relax most of the day.

That was my week!

How have you been enjoying the Spring?

What do you do on your days off?



  1. Love the new shoes, Ellie!! When I used to run, I also did a long run in new shoes and it was such a bad decision for me, haha. I got Nike Fly’s (ugh, such a bad shoe!!) and ran a nine-miler in them and hurt my knee. Oh well, you live and learn, right?!

    I am loving spring! I just adore seeing the flowers poke out of the ground and hearing rain, especially when I’m going to bed or waking up. It’s so comforting.

    As for my days off, I’m pretty boring. I try and clean the house up a little and write!

  2. I’ve always followed the new shoe rule, but one time I bought a new pair of shoes and ran a half marathon in them. I THOUGHT perhaps because they were the same model that I usually ran in I would be ok, but boyyy was I wrong. Lesson learned.

  3. I messed up with new soccer cleats when I wore them in a soccer game before breaking them in. I got two MONSTROUS blisters on each heel. They were literally craters. I still have the scars! But because it was the very 1st game of the soccer season, I didnt take the time off to let them heal, so I literally had them for MONTHS! I would tape sponges to my heels to try to pad them against my soccer cleat. I was kind of a mess back then…haha

    • Oh my God that sounds awful! I did that with basketball shoes once. We had been in the store for a while getting shoes for my siblings and so my mom was at her wits end. I just picked something and told them my size…which was too small…but I didn’t want to cause a scene so I got them. I used them all season lol

  4. I replaced my primary shoes with the exact same shoes while training for a half and wore the new ones on a long run before breaking them in. Not ideal, but luckily didn’t pay for it too bad, haha. Wow on your mileage and pace, I’d love to run a half at 6 min. mile pace and will be focusing more on increasing my pace over the next few months.

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