Week In Review [I Love Getting New Things]

As I look through my phone for pictures that I took this week, I realized I slacked off majorly! I only have a couple pictures of my various travels and they don’t really do my week justice. So bear with my this week as it might be word rather than photo heavy.

First let me link up with Meg for Week In Review. I might not have taken pictures, but I certainly had a full week!


I published four blog posts, one of which I am really proud of. I’ve decided to include an element of veganism in my What I Ate Wednesday posts and it went over pretty well. Thank you for all the feedback and your own experiences. It’s really encouraging to have such open minded readers. I love being a part of this community.


To read about my weekly workouts, click HERE


I must edit that Friday workout though. What was going to be an easy long run turned into a fast finish tempo workout that gave me super amounts of confidence. After about ten miles, I stopped to use the bathroom. When I got back on the road, I decided to push it and see what happened. The run was already going well and so I figured, why not?

I ended up with the last 6 miles at my marathon pace and a great average pace of 7:15 for the workout. I always, always always sought myself with road workouts. I can amp up the treadmill speed till I puke, but pushing yourself on the road is something that is a mental barrier for me. I’m glad I pushed it and had a great workout when I felt like stopping or holding up. I can’t wait for the half on Sunday!


Other Life Stuff

I did laundry, made all my own meals and cleaned my apartment this week. Cleaning is never high on my to do list, but having the day off Friday gave me some extra time to clean the bathroom and sweep the floors. I’m good about dishes, that’s about it.

Speaking of the bathroom, my cat broke the handle on our toilet, so we had to manually flush it for a few days before our landlord gave us a new handle. My roommate installed it, so now I call her my handyman. She also remembered to buy light bulbs for the bathroom and changed that. Who needs a husband when I have her?

I only worked at CTB twice this week and Monday was boss’s last shift. I am so sad to lose her because not only was she a great boss, but now someone I call a friend. We did manage to take a picture of her last shift. She is going to be working as the general manager at a pretzel shop in the mall, so it gives me an excuse to go up there sooner.

Speaking of the mall, I went to Target on Thursday (in our mall) and had the best cart full of impulse buys! I was so excited but when I got to the check out I realized I had left my wallet at home. Stupid stupid stupid! I found the cutest ramekins that were discounted and would be great for blogging…but when I went back on Friday they were no longer discounted.

I had the intention to go back to Target and get a few sports bras and new shorts for Spring and Summer (mine are really rough, I’ve had them for years!) but because I had time I went to Platos Closet beforehand. Good decision because they had really cute stuff for cheaper. I am lucky in the one way that I don’t need a $50 sports bra to run, I just like bright colors. I also realized I like running in spandex shorts rather than loose ones. I scored some great Nike running spandex too for like $8. Winning!


After this shopping trip, I ate lunch and then visited my sister at her job at the hospital. It was mid afternoon by that point so I brought her a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and a strawberry shortcake Larabar. Winning twice in one day!

Other things that happened this week were pretty low key. We had an event at the running store just for ladies. It was kind of fun, but also kind of stressful. I sometimes feel like I’m a burden to my boss. It could just be in my head, but I get that vibe from her. Oh well, I’ll just work harder. The event was a success and we made over $1,000 in the hour and a half. I guess I didn’t do that bad 🙂


The best part of my week honestly was having Friday off. The killer run in the morning and just taking my time all day doing whatever I pleased. I watched a movie called The Four Minute Mile on Netflix.  It was good, not great, but good.  I read this random book about a guy who cannot tell the girl he’s dating he loves her. I just felt relaxed all day.

On Easter Sunday I went for a long run with my two friends (same as last Sunday). It was a beautiful day!



I also made avocado fudge for the first time and it was actually pretty tasty! I put it in these heart shaped molds, so that was kind of fun to eat 🙂


My next day off is actually this Sunday for the Syracuse Half Marathon! Lighter workouts this week and hopefully a good performance on race day. I’ll be a happy camper!

Tell me where you get running gear?

Favorite Netflix movie?



  1. Yay for new sport bras! I have a few, but I need a really tight one since I have been doing more cardio lately. I will have to check my local Platos.
    Avocado fudge sounds interesting, do you have the recipe?
    Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a productive week! And those sports bras are so cute. I don’t watch a lot of netflix movies, but they recently put Charlie St. Cloud on there so I watched that this weekend! Have a great Monday!

  3. I was looking forward to hearing about your day off – you definitely don’t get these too often! Sounds like you used it just as you should have. Kudos to that.
    I don’t know your boss or your work situation, but I can guarantee that you are not a burden to her. Rather, the opposite. Bosses just get stressed – understandably – and atleast in my experience, show it most in front of their employees. Its so nice to hear you are close with your other boss – and that she won’t be moving too far away.
    Also – You win sister of the week award, bringing your sis those goodies. She’s lucky to have you!
    Have a lovely week Ellie – enjoy taking it a bit easier in prep for Sunday!

    • Yea one reason I’m glad I’m not the boss of anything! I don’t want to be like that ever. Thanks Cora! Have a great day!

  4. I have been to Target more times than I’d care to admit these past few months. Between home renovation, baby stuff and some simple grocery items that are way cheaper at Target than my usual store, I might as well take up residence there. In fact, I have to go back again today.

    Way to get the apartment cleaned on your day off. I bet your roommate turned handywoman appreciated it.

    Good luck with the half marathon on Sunday. I know you’ll do great!!

  5. Your running is incredible! I could never do the mileage that you do! My legs are shot after my long (not long compared to yours!!) run days. How do you recover so fast!?

  6. I love Platos Closet! I used to religiously buy Target sports bras, but I have no chest whatsoever and any type of padding seems to suffocate me. I like the material, but I need it without any cups. I’m hoping to find a new brand soon!

    I don’t usually watch movies on Netflix, but I do love watching shows, like Breaking Bad, OITNB, and Fuller House!

    • I watched season 1 of OITNB and then I started reading a book and kind of fell off that train hahaha. Fuller House though, it’s ridiculous, but I cannot look away 🙂

  7. I’m all about second-hand workout gear. If I can, I try to opt for those over the Stuff Marts for environmental reasons–there’s a lot of media out there about how bad the clothing market is for the environment, and I figure that one way i can help that, besides just making smart purchases, is to buy secondhand. Plus you can get some good quality stuff for a good price!
    I love that you don’t calculate the calories burned when you run.

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