WIAW [Annoying Types of Vegans]

Last week, I shared my opinions concerning animal cruelty and my vegan diet. This week, I thought I would be a bit more lighthearted and express some things about the vegan movement, or things about vegans in general that I find annoying or silly. In no way am I condemning them, but my preferences work a different way.


I firmly believe that it takes all types to make this movement work. However, below are some examples of things I’ve heard other people say in hopes to inspire change or activism. Laugh and roll your eyes with me. It’s funny to laugh at ourselves sometimes right?



1.) The Asshole Vegan

Come on you Nazi! Animals have their throats slit open, are skinned alive and then washed in fecal water just so you can gluttonously cram their carcasses into your mouth. You monster! Don’t you know that an egg is a chickens period? Literally a menstrual cycle of a bird. You’re eating that. That milkshake has liquid squeezed from the tits of a cow! Who was the first human to think of that? Oh…what are those things? I think I’ll just go and drink what comes out of it! Did you know that no other creature drinks the milk of a different species? I would rather eat wood than eat something dead. You must be ashamed of yourself!

2.) The Uninformed, Preachy Vegan

Eating animals is the only factor contributing to climate change and if we didn’t exploit animals everything would be better and warring nations would stop fighting. You wouldn’t get zits. You would cure your cancer in two weeks. You would save thousands of animals by going vegan and just do it already and you’ll be a nicer person.

3.) The Pushover Vegan

Oh…yea…I don’t eat animal products. LOL. Yea…um…because I like animals…LOL…

4.) The Healthy Vegan

Do you know how BAD meat and dairy are for you? Higher risk of cancer! Higher cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes! Oh, ok you’re vegan now? How about OIL?!?! Do you know that it is not a whole food?! That cookie may be vegan but it’s full of PROCESSED chemicals that are clogging your body! You need to detox! Yes a juice detox! Raw till 4:46PM and then you can have some lentils. Sprouted.

5.) The Superstar Vegan

What? You can’t run a marathon on one leg while juggling pineapple? Why not??? You’re a vegan for gosh sakes! You know that the vegan crowd only takes the best! Oh…you play pick-up soccer? That’s cute, but seriously what did you medal in at the last Olympics? Where are the muscles coming out of your shirt? Your flawless complexion and flowing hair to boot? Of course in order to be the prime vegan example, you must be the best at what you do!


Let’s just admit that each of these vegan stereotypes are available to compare yourself to, and all are annoying to some degree. At various points during my journey I have been all of them (or tried to be) and it was a waste of time, attention and energy. Just be you!

Now, time for WIAW!


Bowl of mashed banana, the waffle mix I got a few weeks ago and peanut butter & apple


Salad and my HOMEMADE sweet potato scones!



Melty chocolate PB banana bowl and greens


Avocado fudge and I pictured scoop of PB

Tell me some funny stories you’re read or heard from vegans or healthy living bloggers!



  1. Sweet potato scones sound so good! I have definitely been (tried to be) the preachy vegan back when I was “trying out veganism”. I do think it’s a lifestyle I could transition to but know that, right now at least, I’m not ready for that. I’m quite fortunate to live a five minute walk from the best little vegan store and the woman who owns it is always the least judgemental and kindest individual. I’ve actually met very few people who fit these stereotypical categories but I hate that vegans get such bad press! I am looking to learn more about the farming process for fish, dairy and eggs and was wondering if you might know of any useful resources where I could learn more? Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. I appreciate the cute pictures!!! Baby bears are my very favorite.
    This was really funny- I love a joke I heard that was “an atheist, vegan, and cross fitter walk to a bar. How do you know who’s who? They tell you.”
    But in all seriousness, you have a great attitude about your veganism!

  3. Yum on the scones and peanut butter bowl! Great list, I run in to many types of vegan stereotypes in our local vegan groups including some that refuse to spend time with non-vegan family. Guess I am more laid back, but not a pushover. πŸ™‚

    • That’s the way to be. Sometimes the family situation can be hard. I know when I was a new vegan and not yet confident in my lifestyle I avoided family situations so I didn’t have to defend myself all the time. Now I’m not afraid πŸ™‚

  4. hahah the vegan part at the beginning was funny,there are definitely some annoying vegans out there for sure! All these meals look great, and so does that sweet potato scone! Have a blessed day girly ❀

  5. I’ve never met a vegan that wasn’t annoying. Please don’t take offense to that. I was vegan once and I probably annoyed some people. Vegan just doesn’t work for me and when I tell vegans that they INSIST that I did it wrong. I didn’t. But your vegan eats look delicious.

    • Thanks for being honest Stephanie. That’s why I put this out there. I’ve heard these people and now that I know more, find it humorous. There are some really awesome vegans out there. I hope you meet some one day πŸ™‚

  6. Wow. I’m not sure whether I feel more entertained or shocked. People actually say this stuff? I tend to be very good at turning a blind eye to people who say these kinds of things (vegan or some other “group”), but I did serve at a vegan restaurant for a couple years and had a few clients pull out their note pads and pencils and document out a whole science pitch to me about why I shouldn’t be eating whatever it was I told them about. I obviously don’t remember anything they told me.
    So I’m off to go have some lentils. Sprouted.

  7. AHAHAHA this is so true and funny! Have you heard of Freelee the Banana girl? :O She falls in multiple categories LOL
    Most of my friends who happen to be vegan are pushover vegans, luckily for me! Love this post and all the good stuff you ate. And totally laughed out loud at the sprouted lentils part!

    • OMG Freelee and Durian rider are so awful for the movement! Seriously they have their loyal followers and everyone else is totally turned off by them. It’s so annoying to have them commenting on things. They have NO MEDICAL OR SCIENTIFIC research except themselves and it’s really terrible to listen to them. Annoying! UGH!

      • Oh my goodness… I don’t know who Durian Rider is (well, after a scroll through his Insta, I do now…). It’s actually so scary and disrespectful the way they talk about certain people and things. Definitely the WRONG way to get people to follow the movement and support veganism!

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