Fast Friday #11 [Cold hands and race prep]

This week was all about visualization and stress reduction. In all of my runs I made a point to get into the racing mindset. This Sunday I have my first half marathon of the year. To say I am excited would be putting it lightly. I just haven’t raced in so long that no matter what happens, I will be happy.

The weather leaves a lot to be desired, a high of 30 degrees and some snow, but that isn’t too big a concern because I’m used to frozen hands and will try my best regardless. As I am typing this actually, it is almost 55 degrees outside, but I can still feel the numbness in my finger tips from my run this AM. The Spring weather will always keep me guessing.

I had some timing goals for this race, but because the weather is being difficult, I’ve let those expectations kind of fall away and now I just want to have fun. I’m meeting up with my Strong Hearts team after the race and plan to sport the jersey. Running is always fun, but running for a cause makes things just a bit sweeter. I remember when I won theΒ Skunk Cabbage Half MarathonΒ in my vegan socks, it just felt like I was doing something more for the animals.

Well, let’s see how my taper week went!

Monday: Easy Run

8.4 miles at about 8:00 pace

I got poured on! The weather was a balmy 50 degrees when I started and nice for a long sleeve and shorts. Just as I got to the farthest point from home I noticed some lightening and thunder…whelp…and then the rains came. I got soaked to the bone. One good thing though (this might be TMI) since I was already soaked and had an urge to pee…I kind of peed a bit while I was running. I couldn’t even tell aside from the fact that I felt relieved. The rain washed it away so quickly it was almost as if I hadn’t. TMI? Maybe but now you all know what to do when it’s raining and you’ve gotta go πŸ˜‰

Tuesday: Tempo run


30 minutes T HalfMP + 3mile warm up and 3 mile cool down

This was challenging but necessary to feel my ideal pace. It’s ambitious but I’m going for it. I’m done telling myself I can’t attempt hard paces. If last Friday’s tempo run is any indication, I can Β do hard things and be fine. Sure, it’s hard and my legs and lungs burn, but that is when I truly feel alive.

Wednesday: Long Run


17 miles at about 8:00 pace

I am so fortunate to have the ladies in my run group for some of these miles. I started at 5:45AM in order to get a few in beforehand and make it to the meetup spot by 6:30. Well, I nearly missed them! I took a wrong turn in the dark of the morning and ended up running around an inlet for a mile before back tracking and getting to them by 6:30. Just made it! Together we did 8 miles by the airport and then another woman ran the couple miles home with me. She is a former elite runner for Strava and a super nice lady. I’m glad to have met her this year.

Thursday: Easy Run


10.2 miles at 7:21 pace

Everything felt pretty good during this run. It was really windy on certain stretches but I’m happy that my pace did not reflect that. I just reminded myself that this could happen on race day. After the run I thought I had a rock on the bottom of my shoe, so I attempted to pull it out…but it was glass. So I started bleeding pretty nicely. I found out my gym does not have band-aids (I’m sure they do but it’s 24 hours and not staffed at some times). Oh well, that’s what tissues are for.

Friday: Easy Run with Strides

I’m not sure the plan for tomorrow. It is supposed to rain, but be warm. Something nice and scenic and not too hard.

What does your taper look like?

When is your next race?



  1. Wow, I feel like your half marathon came up so fast! I remember you first mentioning it, and now it’s here!! How exciting, Ellie! I’m sorry the weather is going to be less than stellar, but I know you’re one tough gal! Hope your race is great!

    • I can’t wait to just run and have fun. That is my goal πŸ™‚ And afterward I will hang out with my friends, congratulate my sister and enjoy the day.

    • Hmm…I don’t know. I just try REALLY hard, try to make sleep a priority, eat right and don’t do things that stress me out. I’m definitely not an expert though! I certainly do crash sometimes!

  2. Have FUN this Sunday Ellie!! I’m loving your “release expectation and just have fun” mentality. I’m going to send all the nice weather vibes that I can. You’re gonna rock it. πŸ™‚

  3. Good luck today Ellie, you’re gonna boss this half marathou, especially seeing as your taper included a 17 miler!

  4. I can’t wait to build up my running endurance to be able to run that far at a time! You go girl, have fun with your race!

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