Click Bait [04/03/2016]

Good morning everyone! As you’re reading this I am probably freezing running a race in Syracuse or eating with my team and relaxing after a tough effort. The good thing about the weather today is that I don’t have expectations anymore. What will be will be and all I can do is give it my best effort.

On Friday night I was feeling anxious and got some weird, not pain, but weird feeling in my hip. The thing is, it left when I got up. I could only feel it when I lay there. Say a few prayers for me that no injuries happen today. I guess if I have a goal, that would be it. Oh, and to have fun! If it all goes to heck, at least I have fun plans afterward with my team, so I’ll think about that.

Click Bait Logo 3

I hope you are reading this in the warmth of your house and enjoying this wonderful day!

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