Week In Review: Getting Ready To Race

Good morning everyone, welcome to Monday. Each week has its own challenges for me and what I need to get done. For me, priority lies in getting my running in and work. However, outside of those things there is another part of me that goes through the motions of daily tasks. Although I don’t think of them as anything great when I do them, recounting them each week sets me up for another successful one.


Thanks toΒ MegΒ for hosting Week In Review.



I published four posts not including Click Bait. I consider this a success each week, but honestly if I didn’t post as much, I don’t think I would really care. It’s just the icing on the cake of what I love most about blogs: I love reading. I wrote a couple of posts that will come out in the next few weeks which is something I usually never do. Honestly I write my posts the day before. However, I had a lot of running thoughts this past week (pun intended) and I busted out a few posts just in case I don’t have time to write them at some other time.


I also wrote a post for a recipe coming to you this Tuesday! Stay tuned for my first attempt and success at SCONES!


Whelp it was a sort of taper week for me. I ran one shorter tempo workout and got outside as much as possible. Training this week was fun because I got poured on twice. Luckily it was warm both those days, but I also feel like I needed some Mother Nature to kick me in the pants.


Also guys, if there is something stuck to the bottom of your shoe, make sure it isn’t glass. That hurts. Also, if you are bleeding and stop at your gym, make sure your gym has a first aid kit. It was really fun doing my strength and mobility work holding a tissue over my thumb.


On Sunday I ran the Syracuse half marathon for the second year in a row. And for the second year in a row it was freezing. Considering I signed up for this race on a 54 degree day in February, I was expecting a bit warmer weather. A full recap will come some other time this week, but needless to say it was blinding. Seriously I was blind half of the race. More to come on that.

Other Life Stuff

Oh hey, I made scones! Sweet potato scones that are gluten-free and vegan. Get ready for yum!

I also caved and bought a 9lb bucket of almond butter to match my peanut butter bucket. I thought my peanut butter was getting lonely and what goes great with peanut butter? That’s right, almond butter!


CTB had officially stepped up in the smoothie game. This week we got fresh fruit for our smoothies and I have taken full advantage. This one had blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, spinach and cherry juice. I don’t put any ice in my smoothies because I find it separates and gets watery. We also have mango, peach and raspberries to use. What is your favorite smoothie recipe? I like mine to taste like juice over a milky thing, so no bananas or almond milk in there.



We got tons of shoe deliveries this week at FLRTC so Thursday I literally spent 7 hours putting our Spring shoe inventory away. I was whipped after that. It was like working at CTB. Some cool new additions for spring are Salomon running shoes. They are a denser shoe than I’m used to, but I can see why they are popular with trail runners.


Another crazy thing we got this week was 1,500 calories of salted caramel gu. Apparently there was supposed to be a flask that came with it, but I wouldn’t put it past someone to down that in an ultra. To me, that looks gross.


I finished a book called “Into Thin Air” about an Everest expedition in 1996 that ended badly for the majority of people on the climb. In the beginning of the book I was all like, yea this seems cool! And by the end I was like NO WAY would I do that! Great book, I highly recommend it.


Other things I accomplished:


I fed myself very few processed foods and a lot of fat

I tried 80% dark chocolate (I’ll come around to it maybe…)

I finished my sweet potatoes and avocado that had been in my fridge

I put my work checks in the bank and laid my Verizon bill

Ok, not for feedback. I’m trying super dark chocolate because I’m getting rid of my sweet tooth and wanted to see if I liked it any better than I did. It’s funny because it does taste sweeter than I remember and I didn’t hate it. I still prefer a scoop of peanut butter to a candy bar, but it was good. I’ve seen other people dip the chocolate in coconut butter and say it tastes amazing.

What are your thoughts?

Any book recommendations for me?



  1. Did you read Wild? I really enjoyed that book. I love reading and can’t wait for May to be here so I can do it more often.
    Congratulations for finishing your race…. no matter how well you could see!
    I have to say I am impressed with your almond butter purchase… that’s a serious big girl purchase right there πŸ˜‰

    • HA! A big girl purchase definitely. Geez with dark chocolate and almond butter I can tell I read too many blogs! Peanut butter will always have my heart though

  2. Holy almond butter Batman! I still haven’t gotten over the fact you bought 9lbs of peanut butter, but now you go out and get 9lbs of almond butter? I’d be in so much trouble.
    Just a question, where on earth do you store it? lol

  3. It’s funny. Sometimes I crave the dull, chalky, dark chocolate taste. I like sweeter chocolate too but it does hit me sometimes to go with the dark. Ah, cravings. It’s odd how we can crave such disparate things at different times!

  4. Hm my earlier comment didn’t go through so I’m sorry if this is a repeat.

    Is almond butter and pickles the new snack? I won’t knock it till I try it :).
    I’m curious to see how much 9 lbs of nut butter is. I mean the stuff is dense, but 9 lbs is quite the bundle. Well done, regardless.
    Huge congrats on the race. This should go down on your bucket list for just finishing the race in such craptacular weather. I hope your hands have warmed up by now!!
    Don’t those small things like depositing checks just feel so good to get done?

    • It’s actually a lot more than it seems. It will last me a while and that’s saying something πŸ˜‰ I’ve never tried almond butter with pickles on a sandwich, but I do enjoy eating them in the same meal πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats on the half marathon, although running it half blind sounds a bit trying.

    Nine pounds of nut butter is impressive.

    I use a mixture of fresh and frozen fruit in my smoothies so I don’t have to water it down with ice but it’s still really cold and creamy.

    Happy Monday. Thanks for linking up.

  6. Congrats on the half marathon. Tres impressive!
    I like adding 1/4 – 1/2 an avocado to smoothies. I was a bit apprehensive to try it but it adds a luscious creaminess.
    Do you have a goodreads account? I love, love, love books and have a ton of suggestions but I don’t want to overwhelm you. I have reviewed about 2000 books on goodreads and they are sorted by genre. What sort of book are you in the mood for?

    • YES I do have a good reads account! I like a lot of things. Hmm, sports documentaries, Harry Potter type stuff, chick-lit, WW2 novels, really a lot of stuff! Let me know!

  7. The weather’s been totally wacky this year! Really warm February, but then we had a snow day here in Colorado at the end of March. So weird. I’m so impressed at how dedicated you are–working out through rain, snow, and a bleeding cut on your finger stopped only with tissue!
    Whenever I read or watch accounts of people who hiked crazy high mountains, they really freak me out.
    Looking forward to those sweet potato scones!
    Hope you have a great week.

    • Thanks Joyce! I’m interested in climbing…but the warm kind of climbing…with ropes, and not high mountains hahaha

  8. Mastering the sweet tooth is a forever work in progress for me, but I’ve been doing better! I do love dark chocolate, but sadly it doesn’t love me. I love the 90% stuff, but I think perhaps the caffeine in it makes me wonky. Not that it’s a lot, but who knows. Those scones sound heavenly, and YAY for legit work food/drinks.

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