Syracuse Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

To say I was looking forward to this race would be a slight understatement. I agreed to take my friend’s bib back in February when it was 54 degrees and sunny. Of course I thought that a race in April could only be just as nice.

I was wrong.

Before reading this, please go to this link and watch the video from the race. We were featured in Runners World

Getting there: Again I had to master the unplowed highways to Syracuse at 6AM. This year I left almost 3 hours early so I would get there with enough time to park, pee and not rush. There was a bottle neck again for parking, but if you have about 20-30 minutes extra it’s not so bad.

Time: I had a clock time of 1:25:33 and 2nd overall female


I really loved racing with my sister and friends. I met my Strong Hearts team members there and it was great to see them.

The bag check, pre and post race amenities were nice. There was a hot breakfast provided (not vegan so I skipped it) and masses of bananas, apples, PEANUT BUTTER!!!, yogurt, granola bars, water and pop. I felt it was run well.

There was enough parking and it was relatively easy to do.

I ran hard even if my time is less than expected. I would have PRed if the weather wasn’t so bad.

My sister did PR and she ran wonderfully even though she said it was the worst race ever.


The weather. It was the worst day of the year by far. Driving to Syracuse I knew I was in for some questionable conditions, but this took the cake. The 50MPH winds enhanced the mix of ice and snow that poured down the entire race creating multiple white-outs. My eyelids froze over multiple times and I really COULD NOT SEE

The volunteers multiple times told my fellow runners and I either wrong directions or ignored us so we had to ask where to go. This was frustrating especially in the bad conditions. I could not see 5 feet in front of me, so it would have been nice to at least have some sense of where I was going.

Post race breakfast had nothing I could eat, and half of my “winnings” is buttermilk pancake mix which I also cannot eat. However, it is great to win anything at all.


Will I do this again next year? I honestly don’t know. Two years of horrid conditions, no prize money and a local half (which I am doing next week) so close by make me very inclined to say no.

That said, I think if the conditions were better, the volunteers would have been better and I take that into consideration. I think Fleet Feet Syracuse puts on a great show and I was entertained afterwards eating my bananas.

This race proved to me that I am tough. I can do hard things and persevere in rough conditions. I am very proud of how I coped and my attitude during the race. Even when I could not see or was pointed in the wrong direction, I never got to the dark place. I knew I could push hard and then let the chips fall. I am happy with this performance.

What are the worst conditions you’ve ever run in?

What do you do when you go to the dark place?



  1. Oh man, how annoying that the race helpers gave you bad directions or no help at all! That would’ve been so frustrating to me. Kudos to you for finishing it up though!

  2. Oh my goodness – that video was insane. I would have gone to the gym and run on the treadmill.
    I know that run made you mentally stronger. I honestly don’t run in really bad conditions. Some would say that the heat of the Boston Marathon in 2012 was bad but I ran and while it was HOT I would take that over a cold day any day (I LOVE the heat). I’ve run some relay races in the cold – I will only run in the cold if teammates are relying on me 🙂
    When I am very uncomfortable, I think about the beach and sun and warmth and where I’m going to book the next trip!

  3. That video is crazy!!! I honestly would not have even started. You ran an excellent time in horrific conditions, HUGE congrats!! 🙂

  4. Just wow on the video, congrats on getting through those conditions with such a great time! I recently ran a half in windy rainy conditions which was tough enough for me, but wow on the snow! I think the rewards of getting through conditions like that are still great, you overcame a lot of challenges to cross the finish line and have some interesting memories now. Congrats again!

  5. Hey girlie! Congrats on the race! That’s so awesome. And WOW a marathon in May! that’s super amazing. 26.2 miles. I can’t even imagine. You rock lady. have a great and relaxing weekend! hugs!

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