WIAW [Weird Things I’ve Tried Since Going Vegan]

When I looked over this list, I honestly could have done most of these things as an omnivore. I think that since turning vegan, I’ve been exposed to more foods and lifestyles and have become a lot more tolerant to the ways people choose to live and what they choose to eat.

Being vegan has been a catalyst of some sort into expanding my comfort zone. It was a primer, it made new things and foods seem less scary or weird, because I was already weird, I was a vegan for Christ sake!

Now when I read different blogs, most of them are not vegan, but they too have a much wider palate or consciousness than I did as an omnivore. It’s really cool to see that the standard American diet is not holding anyone back, vegan or not.

1.)Β I went raw for a month

2.) Steam veggies

3.) Make my own nut butter

4.) Eat foods with a smaller carbon footprint

5.) Save plant scraps for stock or smoothies

6.) Make desserts with beans

7.) Average 8 bananas a day

8.) Use gluten-free and alternative flours

9.) Run a relay race with other vegans

10.) Buy vegan propaganda tee shirts

11.) Watch health/environmental documentaries

12.) Understand how nutrition impacts running and change accordingly

13.) Consider myself my own experiment

14.) Have my own opinions regarding social issues

15.) Drive to a specific place just to eat their vegan food

16.) Develop my relationship with Christ

If I missed anything, let me know how you’ve changed your thinking or tried new things as you mature and get older!

Now, time forΒ WIAWΒ and my vegan eats!




Microwave chocolate banana bread with PB&apple // Walnut, banana cake with almond butter&pickles // banana protein bowl with walnuts and PB&greens (with the rest of my banana)

Have your eating habits changed since reading blogs or blogging?

What is something new I should try?



  1. I’m all about experimenting with my diet. I’ve recently tried cutting back on my carbs and increasing my protein and fat. So far so good! However, if I were averaging the mileage that you do, I would definitely eat lots of bananas!

    • I actually have been doing this too. It looks like I eat a lot of bananas, and it’s true I do, but I’d say my diet is about 60% fat. I’m liking how I feel so I’ll keep going πŸ™‚

  2. My diet is ever changing – and I think thats a good thing! Our bodies need change and I’m constantly learning new things about the way my body handles certain foods, so I don’t think that changing up a diet is a bad thing at all πŸ™‚

    • I don’t either. I think our bodies want different things at different periods of life. Part of what makes us amazing

  3. The tagline for your blog should be “elite athlete fueled by bananas”.
    I love this list! I see food as an adventure and anytime I see something on the food channel, I think “I have to try to make that.”

    • LOL “elite”, not quite there but thank you for the compliment. By Instagram says fueled by peanut butter hahaha. That’s probably the most accurate πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow, this list is incredible, and I love that God has used it to deepen your relationship with the Lord Jesus. It’s amazing how Christ in US, the hope of glory, affects every area of our life. It’s so awesome. Again, I love your epic dollops of peanut butter. What is your favorite nut butter?

  5. It’s so great that you’ve found a sense of community with other vegans where you live and explored new food establishments. I’m not vegan, but I do love and greatly appreciate places that are specifically catered to vegans. I think you should try more foods/recipes with tempeh and tofu – they are some of my favorite vegan foods πŸ™‚

    • With tempeh and tofu I am either hot or cold. I either REALLY REALLY WANT IT GIVE IT TO ME, or I’m like eh….pass =P I made tempeh bacon recently and it was to die for! I also like seitan

  6. I eat way more bananas than I used to before going vegan! I love experimenting with new foods and changing how i eat to benefit my training. Lately I have been seeing tons of benefits from eating chia seeds daily!

    • Chia seeds are something I love but always forget about! Thanks for reminding me, I might make some chia pudding right now πŸ™‚

  7. I feel so wonderful as a runner/vegan. I read a paleo running blog because I really like her writing and personality (or at least her blogging personality πŸ™‚ paleorunningmomma). I actually tried paleo WITH all the meat for a while BECAUSE of the pictures and she was saying she felt better. And I had started to not feel so great so I went from vegan to paleo (with meat) for a very short stint. And after eating just a bit of meat I felt sooo gross. It just turns out I wasn’t eating enough food – had nothing to do with vegan. SO, that is how my eating changed for a short bit by following blogs. Now I’m not influenced if someone posts something non-vegan because I realize my way of eating makes me very happy πŸ™‚ (and my way of eating is pretty much identical to yours – even before I started reading your blog! πŸ™‚ )

    • I wish you had a blog!!! I would love to read it! I agree from what you’ve said that we are really similar. Most times when vegans feel crappy it’s because they are either junk food vegans or not eating enough calories. I’ve been guilty of both for short periods of time and definitely questioned my lifestyle. I do feel the best on this diet and will hopefully never go back πŸ™‚

  8. As weird as it is, I actually think my eating became less “weird” when I started following blogs and then made my own. Other blogs have been motivating me to go back to some good old classics and “normal” food, whereas a couple years ago I was 100% weird/healthfood/strange ingredients etc. in everything. Its also due to the blogs I let myself follow – as I need this type of motivation and it has been good for me to get back to plain old “comfort food.” I do miss being vegan/vegetarian for the pure creativity and how it taught me about so many new ingredients. But I still delve into this a lot so I still get my “weird” kick in.
    #13 – so cool
    #15 – do this all the time.
    #7 – πŸ™‚

  9. This was so interesting to read!! I have heard a lot of people go raw after becoming vegans and love it. I have also heard about eating a ton of fruit. What do you think of it? Was/is it hard to eat 8 bananas in a day?

    • It wasn’t actually because I still eat about 6-8 of them hahaha. I didn’t find it hard or boring, but I like all types of food so after the month there was no point to continue. I didn’t have that “AHHH” moment. It was fine, that’s it =P

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