Fast Friday #13

I was on a high all week from Skunk Cabbage so despite my legs being sore and less than amazing on the running front, I’m pretty happy with this week. I remembered to wear compression socks, do my hip mobility exercises and got in the gym more times than usual. This usually happens when I don’t run as much or do workouts.

Monday: Rest Day



Nothing too interesting to report on my day here except that I finished a book whilst riding away on the bike. It was recommended to me by Julia and I have to say, she was right. The Secret Sister was a quick read but really intense.

Tuesday: Easy Run


8.4 miles at 7:50 pace

This felt like running through sand, but I went with it. I had a great podcast to listen to, it was about 35 degrees and the sunrise was beautiful. I ran by the lake and watched the rowers practice. The only thing I would like about that would be the views. Otherwise it would be painful for my chicken arms.

Wednesday: Long Easy Run


16.8 miles at 7:58 pace

I love getting out with my running group, so this was fun even if it was still FREEZING out there. My legs were a bit sore so I’m happy with the pace.

Thursday: Easy Run


13 miles at 7:42 pace

My calf was really tight this morning so that will make tomorrows run malleable. I want to stay injury free so if I’m not feeling 100% I’m not going to push it. Keeping my compression socks on today!

Friday: MP miles/longish

To be determined on this one. I know I’m staying on the treadmill for this as hills aggravate my calf. Either a few MP paced miles thrown in or all easy. Looking for a long run here.

What do you do if you’re sore?

Have you ever pushed through and been successful?



  1. I try to load up on anti inflammatory foods, use a heating pad, and get some extra sleep when I’m sore. Way to go on the cross training! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. When I’m sore I get a massage and take a bath in Epsom salts. Foam rolling too.
    I’ll check out that Secret Sister book.
    Love the Plant Fusion protein powder 🙂
    Happy weekend!

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