Click Bait [04/17/2016]

Good morning everyone! I got home from work about an hour ago after a 9 hour busy Saturday and to say I’m whipped is an understatement. I’m satisfied though, because I love my job and love my coworkers. I’m glad to be back at CTB full time for the summer.

What a glorious day! 68 degrees and everyone in Ithaca was outside. We really have a beautiful town and there are so many things to do. Tomorrow (or today) I have a half day off and plan to enjoy the weather.

I hope you enjoy the links this week! Do me a favor and say a couple prayers for my ankle. It is a bit inflamed and I’m worried about hurting it before my race. Do my a solid and send some positive vibes this way πŸ™‚

Have a great Sunday!

Click Bait Logo 3

15 Reasons Being Tall Is The BestΒ via Hello Giggles

Why Jealousy Is Bad For FeminismΒ via Health-ez Sweet

Pilates v. YogaΒ via This Runner’s Recipes

15 Things You Learn After Going VeganΒ via Elite Daily

Do Elite Runners Lose Motivation?Β via Tina Muir

How Grading Fitness Fails College StudentsΒ via Adios Barbie

An Uncomplicated Guide To Running And LifeΒ via Mile Posts



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