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This past week, I mentioned having a bit of tenderness in the tendons surrounding my ankle. I raced two halfs very hard back-to-back and it took a toll on my body.

Last year after the Skunk Cabbage race, I continued my training plan without taking the recovery I needed after that effort. I did not think that racing did as much damage as it did. I subsequently injured my pelvis and was unable to race Buffalo.


My main goal for the marathon this year is to stay injury free. I don’t care about breaking 3 hours, as long as I am healthy to be on the starting line.

After Skunk this year, I took Monday off and ran easy on Tuesday. I felt some soreness in my legs, but a lingering pain near my ankle. Immediately I knew I should not push a workout that week regardless of what my training plan said. However, I was at a loss as to what I should do.


Luckily, I am surrounded by wonderful people who know running and reached out to me. After explaining the pain and my concerns, one female runner I trust helped me reorganize my training plan to accommodate not doing hard workouts that week and my boss from FLRTC gave me his insights as well which would allow for adequate recovery and get me to the starting line.

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I cannot express how thankful I am that these people are in my life. I was going over the pros and cons of doing a workout last week in my mind when I received an email from my boss asking how I was recovering after the hard effort. I was honest and told him about the pain and my concerns. Immediately he gave me the outline of a training plan that would get me to the start line healthy and fast. I did not even have to ask, he simply did it.

When I expressed concerns to my other running friend, she also worked with what I told her (I did not ask for this) and told me what she would do in the weeks leading up to Buffalo. She has been so helpful throughout this whole experience and I am so blessed to have her insight.

Honestly, if they did not intervene, my ego would have told me to do a workout and I may have injured myself [again].

When I had to walk a 5K
When I had to walk a 5K

I learned from this experience that I do not have to go at things alone. Yes, running is a solo sport, but by sharing my concerns and vulnerabilities, I was able to avoid possible injury and a DNS.

Throughout this journey, I have also used social media often to throw my ideas off trainers, coaches and doctors who are smarter than me and have scientific data to back-up what they believe will work. I have reached out to Tawnee from Endurance Planet, Ben Greenfield, Tina from Runners Connect and others who know how to run/fuel best.

Do I follow their advice exactly? Of course not! But I take what works for my lifestyle and apply it where it’s necessary. I may be the one running this marathon, but I believe I am the culmination of tons of running ideas, tips and information. Hopefully I’ll do them proud πŸ™‚

Do you look to others for support in running?

Who/what resources do you turn to when you have questions?



  1. There is a true blue connection between all runners, at all levels, that I feel we are so very compassionate and really encourage eachother to do well. If we have questions or concerns, fellow runners truly and honestly want to give any advice they have to try and help. I really think this is the reason why I love the running community so much.

    I do love that running basically IS a solo sport. I think most of us are quiet and humble. Most are not competing against others as they do in team sports, but we are fighting our own mind/body demons that are begging us to stop.

    • I also love the solo nature of running in the moment. I feel blessed to have the connection with other runners outside of it as well. We all “get it”

  2. I am impressed that you can run the miles you do! I love that there is more of a supportive vibe among the running community versus a super competitive, judgy vibe and turn to my blogging friends and family for advice when needed. True, it can be a solo sport, but also a sport for friends.

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