Top 3 [#1] Community and Coconut Butter

Hey all! This week is the first [hopefully] link-up of Kate’s Top 3Β  so head over there to see what the big fuss is all about!

Top 3 Workouts

1.) Final long MP run: 24.28 miles


I completed my longest run this week. That is, the most amount of mileage in a single run. I feel very good about the way this shook out. I ran for about an hour easy, then picked it up to my MP till about 16 miles, and then ran 8 more miles at an easy pace. After the 16 miles, I remembered to drink some tailwind (nutrition win!) and although it was both mentally and physically hard, I pushed through to average 7:19 for the effort.

2.) Running group: 15 miles


I have talked before about how much I enjoy running with these ladies on Wednesday even if I have to get up at 5:45 to meet them. It is totally worth it and better than running alone. We didn’t have our chef navigator this time (she had just run Boston) so we took a couple of wrong turns, but ended up in the right place. I hope that run is the last run with gloves for the season πŸ™‚

3.) Tempo work: 12.7 miles


On Tuesday I did my first tempo run since the Skunk Cabbage half two weeks ago. I was a bit hesitant just because of how my ankle was feeling, but it went well (I did it on a treadmill) and I felt strong, not depleted.

Top 3 Foods

1.) Cinnamon, banana, walnut protein bowl

This has to take the number one spot simply because it tasted so dang good after my 24 miler. I mashed a banana, added a scoop of protein powder and cinnamon, mixed in a handful of walnuts and then topped it with almond butter. Oh my Lord this was so good!


2.) Coconut butter. On everything.



I had been looking for ways to use up my coconut butter because I didn’t think it was on par with nut butters for topping things. Boy was I wrong! When you need a nut butter break, this is a great way to add some satisfaction to the top of your oats, bread or scones. I finished my jar, and am making more tonight!

3.) Corn and lentil soup topped with hummus


Or really, any soup topped with hummus. I don’t know how I came up with this…but there are no regrets.

Top 3 Instagrams







Top 3 Moments

1.) GETTING TO GO BACK TO RAGNAR WITH STRONG HEARTS VEGAN POWER! On Tuesday this past week, Laura contacted me and asked if I would like to take a spot on team A for Ragnar Cape Cod. The guy who was going to make it had a family obligation that he thought was a different weekend. I feel sad for him, but ELATED for myself! This will be my last long effort before Buffalo.

2.) The amazing amount of tips from work on Monday. It was a long, busy, exhausting shift. I am honestly surprised we got everything done. You know that feeling when you’re tired, but know you worked hard? Well it was great to be rewarded with some extra cash.

3.) Encouragement from fellow runners. I posted about this onΒ ThursdayΒ but it cannot be understated. I need a community to help me reach my goals. I don’t have a family. I don’t have a solid support system behind me. This week, I was shown an extreme amount of love and care from my boss Ian and elite runner Julie that talked me down from overtraining. They made me see the folly in pushing workouts and this allowed me to recover from Skunk Cabbage. I think I have found my family.

What’s your Top 3?



  1. How cool that you made your own coconut butter?! It looks very professional. Congratulations on your very long run…. having a support system means so much. I’m glad you have both coaches and friends to pull you along and ensure your taking care of yourself.
    Thanks for joining in- I tried to get it together this week but who am I kidding with it being the week before finals?!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    • HA the coconut butter in the picture is one I bought. I attempted to make it last night but it was a big FAIL! I’ll have to try it again sometime, but after 20 minutes in the food processor, I gave up =P

  2. Congrats on the runs and for getting to be part of the running team!! That kind of excitement always deserves caps lock πŸ™‚
    We all need support and we all need people to bring us “back” from time to time. I’m really glad you have such a close and supportive running family – it can be hard to be honest in this kind of way but it obviously shows how much they care about you.

    • Thank you Cora! I find that my running family, in addition to my blogging family, takes the place of the family I never had.

  3. Excellent long run, wow! Congrats! Great top 3s, fun eats and happy news. I’m intrigued by doing more group runs, but I have trouble adjusting my pace for longer runs to stick with a group and tend to be more of a solo long runner. Guess I need to mix it up more!

    • I like to join this group for about 8 miles. I’ve only done super long with a few other people and it’s only when we have the same pace/goals in mind. It’s really fun though if you can find the right companion

  4. I really like your sunflower bowl, and awesome 24 miler!! You are going to have an amazing marathon experience I just know it! Just stay healthy! ~jade

    • It didn’t really work out. I just put shredded coconut in my food processor and let er rip for about 20 minutes, scraping down the sides. This was supposed to work…but it didn’t. I bought the jar seen in the picture and it’s Nutiva brand

  5. I need to try coconut butter!! Top 3 from this week was the beautiful weather, time outside with friends, and facetiming my best friend from home!

  6. A good tip is the best feeling during a long or busy day right? It just makes you feel that little bit of appreciation. Gotta get me some coconut butter!

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