OOMPH brought to you by Plant Fusion Protein

I’m not going to lie, I like adding protein powder to things. For me, it adds texture, flavor and something I like to call “Oomph”.

Oomph is what I need to feel when I ran 15 miles in the morning and then have an 8 hour shift at work.

Oomph is going hiking in the afternoon after a morning workout.

Oomph is chasing your cat around the apartment because he threw up on the floor and MAMA DONT STAND FO DAT!

I honestly don’t worry about getting enough protein, but I do like the assurance that I’m getting enough calories. These calories also need to be of a high quality. I used to go by the phrase “if the engine is hot enough, anything will burn.” And that is true to an extent. However, that does not mean it burns clean.

The only problem I have run into with vegan protein powders is that some of them are gritty and lack taste. I like my protein powders sweetened, naturally so and delicious tasting. I like being able to tell that the powder is there or I wouldn’t put it in my food to begin with!

Plant Fusion was kind enough to send me a box of goodies after I reached out to them thanking them for the wonderful products they make which fuel my training. Their products help me recover so I always have that Oomph.


Plant Fusion is a completely raw vegan protein supplement used to support active lifestyles. It is dairy free, soy free, gluten free and ANIMAL HARM free (most important!). Additionally, their products score a perfect 1.0 on the PDCAAS (protein digestibility amino acid score) based off their unique blend of nutrients. Enhanced with BCAAs and easy to digest, this product is comparable to whey protein powder, without the gross stomach upsets and ANIMAL HARM.

I’ve tried a lot of different plant based proteins and this is one of the best tasting one that I’ve tried. It is easily the most convenient one to mix in and the flavors they have are To die for…erm, to live for!

I have tried the chocolate raspberry, chocolate caramel, vanilla chai and regular vanilla flavors and they all pass the taste test. My favorite is probably the vanilla chai because I usually mix cinnamon into the plain vanilla anyway, so I know it’s what I like. The most unique was the chocolate raspberry, which tasted great and I could see myself making a shake out of it. It had that milkshake feel you know?

Now, I’m not going to recommend these products without giving you a recipe for how I eat them every.single.day. Yes, they have replaced the microwave banana bread as my breakfast of choice and I ain’t going back!

Here is what I do:


Mash a ripe banana (I have some brown ones refrigerated because I like cold breakfasts in the summer)

Mix in protein powder of choice (this will give you a thick pudding consistancy)


If you want it thicker, mix in a tablespoon of flour (I use coconut or chickpea)

Stir in desired mix-ins.


Top with other things.


Can it get any easier?

Here are my favorites:

Vanilla chai powder, shredded carrots, coconut butter


Original vanilla flavor, walnuts, almond butter


Chocolate caramel powder, cashews, carrots, raisins, sunflower seeds


Chocolate raspberry flavor, chocolate chips, coconut butter


Chocolate flavor, shredded coconut, almond butter


Oh man, I’m getting hungry just listing those!

Look no further for your next protein powder! Vegan is the future and Plant Fusion is here to pave the way.

What do you look for in a protein powder?

Have any good flavor combination ideas for me?



    • I agree, all supplements are expensive. I don’t go out to eat much (ever) and so some things I make a priority. Not saying it should be for everyone, but for me, it’s a thing 🙂

  1. Plant Fusion is one of my favorites for the smooth texture and stronger flavor, thanks for the inspiration on using it! I use and try a lot of vegan protein powders and put a blend in my smoothies a lot like half hemp protein and half sprouted protein. I like a smoother texture, but even earthier hemp protein is fine blended with frozen bananas and other fruits. I’ve been adding raw ginger and fennel seed to smoothies lately for a bright blend.

    • I have never put protein powder in a smoothie :-X can you believe that? I know that is what it’s technically for, but I like my smoothies to be more fruity, I don’t even add bananas to them hahaha

    • Nope, I eat them as is. I assume you could microwave em for a bit if you wanted them more warm, I just wouldn’t overkill them in there (hockey puck lol)

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