Week In Review [CTB, Plant Fusion and 24.28]

Good morning everyone! Before I get into this round up, check out my post on Saturday for some excellent post workout breakfasts using bananas and my review of Plant Fusion protein powder, my new favorite supplement that helps me recovery quickly and tastes absolutely amazing!


Now, let’s get to Week In Review. Thanks to Meg for hosting!


This week was really full, but satisfying. I worked over 40 hours at my job, ran the farthest I’ve ever run before and am now in the “wait for race and don’t blow it” mode.


CTB was busy this week. The beautiful weather and end of school year vibe gives us great business. That makes me so happy because I would rather it be busy than boring. Saturday was a challenge because my coworker got sick, so we were down a person. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but he was closing, so it kind of was. My coworker and I ended up staying over an hour later than our scheduled shifts, but I expect that, so it’s all good.


My computer is really pooping out lately. I only get about 45 minutes of battery life before it shuts down. I’ve had it a few years so this is to be expected. I’m on the market for a new one and am thinking either a Dell or a Mac. Price is a huge consideration for me, as my life isn’t on the computer so I don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles. I can get by on a nice lower tech model. Any insight is helpful!

I washed all my bedding this past week which has been on my to-do list for quite some time.myes, that sounds gross but I honestly forget about it. Well, it’s done and I’m satisfied. I also shaved my legs this week, which I don’t do that often either. That is also weird but hear me out, my leg hair is blonde, grows super slow and stops growing after about 3mm. No one has ever said anything about it and I don’t really notice it. The only reason I did honestly was because I was wearing a dress and wanted that swishy feeling over my legs. #priorities


Ok, onto my favorite part of my days; running!

This week, I could not have asked for things to go better. Hitting that 24 miler with an average 7:19 pace was such a confidence booster. People always assume that I’ve don’t marathons and all that jazz…but I’m only 24 you guys. I think that’s kind of young to have so much endurance training under your belt. I’ve only been running for 5 years and racing for 2 of them. (I don’t count track in high school) I still had so many doubts as to finishing my first 26.2. Now I can say I don’t have any doubts.


I was able to get in a bottle of tailwind, which I picked up from outside my house (personal aid station) after 16 miles. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to have my own bottles at the race, but haven’t hear back from the elite coordinator yet, so right now I’ll just do what I’ve been doing. I consider myself pretty fat adapted, but for this race, I don’t care what I have to do to finish it well. I’ll eat straight up candy if I have to.

I’ve had a lot of fun making different protein breakfasts this week. I’m not sure what to call them because the texture is like cookie dough, but that just doesn’t seem right. Hmm…ill keep thinking. I’ve had some good ones this week like


Carrot, vanilla chai

Chocolate raspberry with coconut butter

Vanilla, matcha, coconut

Chocolate, salted caramel

The Plant Fusion protein powders are so good! I’m working on a recipes page that takes my basic formula (mashed banana and almond milk depending on the banana size) and adding flavors/nut butters that compliment each other. It really is that simple. No blender, just the cheapest fruit money can buy, a fork and amazing plant based protein powder. Stay tuned!

My goals for this week are to change my blog layout so you can actually find my recipes, about me and racing pages. I also want to reach out to more amazing vegan companies so I can spread the message of vegan athleticism and ethics on my blog and when I race.

That’s all I have for this week guys. Have a wonderful Monday!

Would anyone be interested in a Plant Fusion giveaway?

Anyone interested in a recipe page on how I use protein powder?

Tell me an other way to use it that does not include smoothies. I like using a spoon to eat 🙂



  1. Sounds like a packed week! Getting chores done is always awesome, I feel so much better when I can check stuff of my to do list. Great mileage as always! Sure on protein powder, I go through a lot of it in smoothies and alternate varieties and brands. Happy Monday!

  2. Great job on your running!! That must make you feel like a beast to be able to pound out so much mileage. I pretty much only use protein powder in smoothies, protein fluff or in raw bites like my Power Balls. Sometimes it’ll work in waffles or pancakes and such, but it tends to get gummy at times!

  3. I really don’t have a sense of running distances, but my spidey sense tells me you are conquering some huge feats. 24 miles at age 24 sounds damn impressive (and fitting) to me. Congrats!!
    I often wish I could afford protein powders – mostly to experiment with (aka make Armans recipes). I’m not a smoothie person but love the sound of your bowls. Totally agree on preferring to use a spoon. I’ve also been wary because I would want to make sure my powder is not full of junk AND tastes good.

  4. I really don’t have a sense of running distances, but my spidey sense tells me you are conquering some huge feats. 24 miles at age 24 sounds damn impressive (and fitting) to me. Congrats!!
    I often wish I could afford protein powders – mostly to experiment with (aka make Armans recipes). I’m not a smoothie person but love the sound of your bowls. Totally agree on preferring to use a spoon.
    Ps I haven’t shaved my legs in months. Shhhh.

  5. Uh yes, I love plant fusion so I’d be interested! A smoothie bowl that you use a spoon to eat? Haha I sometimes mix protein powder and peanut butter together as an oatmeal topping…or use a scoop to replace 1/4 cup flour in baking recipes for an extra protein boost!

  6. I use soy protein powder as a substitute for milk or powdered milk in homemade bread recipes, since lactose tends to bother me. It works!
    24 miles at 7:19 average? That’s amazing–congratulations!
    I love your Wall-E bedspread, by the way–and the fact that your cat’s trying to get under the covers. : P

    • Fun fact: I’ve actually never seen Wall-E. I bought that on a whim one day when I needed another blanket for my bed at college and I was too cheap to buy a comforter 😉

  7. Hi! I’m a little new here, but I’ve been researching fat adaption and I was just wondering how you know that you are fat adapted and how did you get there since it seems a lot of your meals are mostly carbs? Thanks!!

    • Honestly Ashley, I’m not positive as I’ve never been tested. However, I looked to a couple trusted nutritionists/sports professionals like Tawnee Prozak, Tim Wagoneer and Phil Maffetone and explained my diet/lifestyle and training and was told I’m basically there. A few things to keep in mind. I am not ketogenic. I am female and I am very active. These things allow me (necessitate actually) a larger volume of carbohydrates. I also train fasted in the morning which has taught my body to burn fat for fuel (I’ve done this for the past 5 years). Also, I do not take nutrition (nor do I need it) on my long runs.
      I am not perfectly fat adapted, and who knows, maybe I’m not. However these signs and the information from the professionals I’ve talked to make me think I am close to being there.
      Thanks for asking. Also, I am not an expert, so I’m not positive. Carbs are amazing!

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