Top 3 #2 [Babying The Ankle]

Happy Friday to you! I hope Kate has this link up all ready for us, but if not head over to her blog anyway because she is one cool lady and you won’t want to miss out.

What is Top 3? Well, for me it’s a chance to remember why my week was so fantastic and appreciate a few things that happened this week.

Top 3 Runs

Tuesday: MP tempo run

Instead of doing another long run with marathon pace in it, I’ve decided to do shorter tempo efforts to maintain my fitness without burnout. I enjoyed this run (45 minutes at 6:40 pace) with a warm up and cool down because my ankle felt good. It’s still a bit tender, so I’m babying it for now.

Wednesday: Long Run with my running group

I seriously love this group of women. They go at a nice conversational pace which keeps my mind off my problems. I was riding the struggle bus here for a while, and if they weren’t there I probably would have shortened the run. I almost got 17 miles, but my ankle felt sore. Still gonna be careful about this.

Thursday: Repeat 400s

Ok now things are weird. My ankle feels better when I’m going faster. I think when I run at a higher speed the impact down there is less. The best past of this for my ankle was the speed work, the most uncomfortable was the cool down. However, running that fast was a bit taxing on my lungs. Gotta stay tuned up and not running this pace for two weeks made it more uncomfortable.

Top 3 Eats

Chocolate caramel banana protein bowl

Black bean soup topped with hummus

B Happy Peanut butter…on everything

Top 3 Moments

1.) I got a new computer. I went for the all-in-one desktop and it was a good choice. However, I now do not let my cats in my bedroom. Sorry guys, but you’re horrible to my things.

2.) My marathon shoes came in, so I feel more ready now. After destroying my previous pair on trails, I needed a new pair that my feet are comfortable with. The Kinvara recently undated to the 7…but my amazing boss was able to get me another pair of the 6s

3.) I finished the second book in the Shadowhunters series called The City of Ashes and started the City of Glass. I really love this series, but wish I had read it in high school. It’s at that reading level, but the creativity in it and storyline is gripping, so I’ll finish the series. Gotta love reading while you bike.

Top 3 Instagrams

Has your favorite shoe updated recently?

What is your favorite peanut butter brand?



  1. I hope your ankle feels better – I can agree that when I was having hip issues, it bothered me less when I did speedwork and more when I was running casually. I think you’re right about the impact. That chocolate caramel bowl looks awesome! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Ugh I’m sorry the ankle is not 100%. I think it makes sense that the faster you go, the less time the ankle has against the ground AND the less time you have to think about the pain… keep resting it up darling.
    YAY to getting your new computer!! I know how excited you were, and you totally deserve this. Enjoy all the not so fun/kinda fun moments of figuring out all the techy stuff.
    Also – those tights. Yes.

    • Hehe the tights are an encouragement for the weather. I am loving blogging on this thing! I can see EVERYTHING so clearly now. An added benefit to not having my cats in my room, I can set up something near the window for food photos hahaa

  3. Those are some great looking eats. Who doesn’t love some new shoes? Exciting part about big training is it means you’ll need to get some new shoes.

  4. I like Teddy’s unsalted for peanut butter. I love the Once Again brand for almond, sunflower, and cashew butter. I haven’t tried their peanut butter. I think that was the same brand you showed of your huge tubs?

    I’m happy that the Brooks Launch came “back” . Although I never wore it before but I’m loving it now. I love my Saucony Triumphs and I hope the new version is as good as the one I have. Need to try it but I’m afraid b/c I love the old one so much! From what I’ve heard, it is just as good. Here’s hoping.

    • I really enjoy the triumphs because they are really foamy. The toe box is really wide and a bit too much for my foot. I think that’s why I love the Kinvara, it’s foamy but narrow enough for me

  5. All of your eats make me want to eat big bowls of oatmeal with peanut butter and warm soup. 🙂 I’m sorry that your ankle feels weird, but I hope it heals quickly, Lord willing! Also, isn’t that Bhappy peanut butter so good? Would you continue to buy it?

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