Hey All! I’m Moving!

Hey everyone!

Over the weekend I made the decision to go self hosted! This is an exciting step for me and as most of you know, a big learning curve. I have the website Eat Run Pavement and am taking my time in getting it up and running. So there is nothing on the site now, but will be soon. I am attempting to move this blog into that one, but might instead just start fresh, republish recipes and create new content.

In the meantime, I am also working overtime at my job, so when I say I’m taking my time, that means I am doing it on the few hours I have when not at CTB. My next day off is Friday, so I plan to spend that whole day getting the blog up.

Thank you for bearing with me and reading Ellie Slices Bagels —> Eating Pavement and now Eat Run Pavement.

The future of my blog will still be majorly about running and my life. I can only write what I know. I also plan to show more the ins and outs of training, recovery and how I attempt to manage it.

I am no expert, but I am a person with experiences. I will never say my way is the right way or only way. There are so many ways I could do things better and I am learning. I hope you continue to learn with me and feel free to ask any questions you may have. I will give my opinion and reasoning, but remember, this may not work for you.

What’s to come?

More running rambling!

How I recover from workouts!

Specific recovery breakfasts and foods I eat that are tasty and nutrient dense.

What I do to maximize my time.

And of course, my favorite part, just my daily life and the weird stuff that happens to me.

See you at Eat Run Pavement

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  1. Congrats on going self-hosted! I would love to do so one day too, but I want to make sure I’m really ready to do it. Can’t wait to read all your new content. Good luck as you take on some extra work this week!

  2. Ehhh you’re doing it!!! So exciting. You will get lots of headaches – I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’d pick up some tylenol and your favorite scone on Friday…
    Partly kidding. It’ll be great. And its really not that bad. If you have any questions – shoot me an email. Or even a text (I’ll email you my number if you want it).
    I’ll be tingling with excitement until your “launch!”

    • Please email me your number!!! I saved and starred the email about your experience self hosting. I’m just going to go slow and sit outside best buy 😉 The geek squad can help me when I need it

  3. Very, very exciting that you’re going self-hosted! it’s extra fun, i think, to have a “clean”, concise URL, plus get all of the other great perks like being able to customize your site and even run ads if you want!

    • Yes I am so excited! Today I had a scare with my new computer, but it’s all fixed now. Boy did I have to pray a lot to decrease my anxiety during the day today!

  4. Cant wait to see what your new blog has in store! You are one of my all time favorite bloggers and inspire me everyday as a runner. I’m excited to see what new ventures, workouts, ramblings, eats, and much more you have up your sleeve 🙂 🙂

    • Oh my Lord thank you so much! That makes me smile from the depths of my heart. Is there anything you would like me to speak more about?
      Great to hear from you!!!

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