Running PRs

I run because it makes my life better.


I began running because I was avoiding sadness. I was running away from the bad things in my life. I ran as an outlet for my anger. I ran because the toxic people in my life didn’t and I wanted to be different from them.


Now I run for me. I run because it is who I am. I run because it is the best part of my day. Running is something I can depend on.

Running is my identity.

I started seriously running most days about five years ago. Before that I ran in and off sometimes plagued by injury and mostly to stay sane.

Two years ago I ran a local race, the Ithaca 5&10 and I got 2nd place. I the ran the Rochester 1/2 Marathon and got 5th. Feeling pretty good about this running thing, I started training with a bit more direction. I got involved with two local running clubs and became addicted. Trails, roads, treadmill, anything that involved running was great. No longer was I running away, but I was running towards a new life. I had direction and set goals.

Last April was a defining moment. I won the Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon in 1:24:26. That day, my life changed. I wanted more out of running. Not only could this be the one thing that always brings me joy, but I could actually be good at it?

I ran a couple more races that summer and continued to believe.

Anything is possible and I cannot wait to continue to find out where running will take me.


I am ready to see what I can do.

Race PRs

Half Marathon: 1:24:26

Half Marathon 1:20:37

10 Mile 1:08:50

5K: 18:40

20K 1:24:52